Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea)

In 2012 a major arboricultural event hit the headlines, for several

weeks the BBC, Sky news even the tabloids reported on Ash Dieback a disease affecting our native Ash trees for the first time. Reportedly bought here by imported timber and nursery stock from Europe.

As with any news story, interest waned and it dropped off the journalists notepads.

Chalara fraxinea hasn't gone away! It is widely thought that the full effect on the population of our trees will not be truly visible for 10 years or more. Since its first discovery in Feburary 2012 The government working closely with the Forestry Commission to manage and study the spread of the disease.

Identifying and reporting diseased trees is crucial to gaining control over the situation. If you have Ash trees on your grounds please take the time to look at this page on the Forestry Commission's website: Chalara

The answer is not simply to cut them down, there are many cowboy outfits proposing to be tree surgeons, making a lot of money from people by convincing them that their Ash tree is infected and needs to be felled.

If you are concerned about your trees we will happily inspect them, free of charge, to try and determine if the tree is infected or not, we can also help to report it. Just give us a call.