Bluebell woods

A Bluebell Wood is possibly one of the most amazing sights to see in the countryside, they are normally at their peak between the end of April and the beginning of May.

The Woodland Trust estimates there to be 1300 bluebell woods in the UK, go to their website Woodland Trust to see if there are any near to you to visit this spring.

So mark a day on the calendar to go out and discover one of Britain's finest views.

Forest walks

Of course visiting a forest is an amazing experience even when the Bluebells are not in flower. It doesn't matter what stress you have in your life spending a few hours in a forest lifts the worries away and makes you feel alive again.

It is important that you know that the forest is open to the public before entering it , some are privately owned and just as you wouldn't want a stranger walking about in your garden, landowners wouldn't want you walking about in their woodland. Here is a link again to the Woodland Trust on there is lots of information for visiting forests open to the public, and is well worth a visit.

A couple of words of advice, If you see signs like this in the forest, take extra precaution or better still keep out of that area, forestry work is dangerous and it is advisable not to be entering an area where work is being carried out.

Finally if there is strong winds postpone your visit for a calmer day, being in a forest in windy weather is dangerous and quite possibly deadly. I have worked in forests in high winds and it can be quite a frightening place to be.

Go on a nice calm day and take it all in, you'll have a great day!!