Garden Waste

As garden maintenance providers part of our work involves disposing of

garden waste in a safe and legal way. We are obliged to register with the Environment Agency as waste carriers and have a duty of care to transfer the waste to a registered handler. The company we take our waste to produces compost and we pay a fee to tip there.

Time and again I have seen piles of garden waste dumped in laybys out in the countryside most probably by unregistered and disreputable firms.

So always check with any horticultural or arboricultural contractor that they have the Environment Agency waste license,

Some of our clients have their own composting facilities in their gardens which is ideal. They save money as we do not have to charge a waste removal fee, the customer gets a constant supply of compost for their garden and they can feel proud that they are doing their bit for the environment.

In our region the local authority provide a green waste recycling scheme, which costs about £25.00 a year, you get a brown wheelie bin which is emptied fortnightly. We have encouraged all our customers to join this scheme as over the course of a year with regular maintenance our waste fees add up to considerably more than the cost to join the scheme.

If you are interested in setting up your own compost bin, take a look at this website for some handy information about how to go about it properly.