Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

We do a lot of hedge trimming and we take great pleasure in turning scruffy hedges into neat boundaries their owners can be proud of.

Different hedges require different techniques. Conifer hedges vary with different species, some are quite compact and dense and can be cut to a very flat and fine finish, looser density means the finish will be less precise.

If you are going to trim a hedge yourself there are a few things to think about.

Is it the right time of year? Some species of hedge should be cut at a specific time of year, a handy guide from the RHS can be seen here

Tools! Take special care when using any power tools, Our hedgecutters are run on petrol and are very powerful, they get particularly hot. If you are using a petrol hedgetrimmer take care not to burn yourself on the exhaust area of the machine, be VERY careful when refueling as a spillage can lead to an explosive fire! it's a good idea to let the machine cool down before refueling, have a cup of tea and refuel yourself while you wait.

If you use electric hedgetrimmers make sure you keep the cable away from the cutters at all times, as a precaution fit a residual current device (RCD) to protect you from electric shock should you accidently go through the cable.

With either petrol or electric hedgetrimmers keep your hands away from the blades!

Take extra care if using hedgetrimmers whilst up ladders, have an assistant keep a firm hold of the ladders whilst you work and avoid stretching out.

Or preferably get a professional in to do it for you :-)