Lawn Mowing

We love mowing lawns, it is a satisfying job when you look back after

its done and see the stripes. 

Stripes can be made with almost any mower, it is caused by the blades of grass being bent into one direction, our mower has a heavy steel roller which is also used to drive the machine. This is what makes the stripes so pronounced. Our machine also doesn't leave the "train tracks" that normal wheeled rotary mowers do.

Stripes don't have to be just straight. In the photo above the stripes were cut to follow the curve of the sleeper edging around the lawn and is quite effective.

Other patterns can be created too like diamonds (see photo below) and chequerboard. this is done by cutting the lawn in one direction and then going over it again in another direction.

A quick tip: if you have an obstacle in the lawn like a tree then carry the stripe up to it and then go around it on the side that hasn't been cut, then rejoin with the previous stripe the other side of the obstacle. When you return on the next stripe keep it straight as you pass the obstacle and this will give the illusion that the stripe continues through the obstacle.

Stripes work best on good lawns, if your lawn is very weedy or mossy the stripes won't be as defined, and remember don't cut your lawn too short!