The Services We Provide

We are a business based in the Lincolnshire countryside and our services are developed to suit clients from this area.

From domestic maintenance where we offer lawn mowing carried out to a high quality, hedge trimming, shrub pruning and tree work.

Commercial clients include property management companies, estate agents, factories and large estates. These businesses rely on us to keep their grounds looking immaculate, we also provide clearance services for example; fire escape routes around buildings to conform with fire regulations and clearance for building work. We can provide reports as part of our contract which outlines observations made by us and suggestions of repairs or future works. 

Rural services are an important part of our repertoire, this includes our Forestry division which is aimed mainly at private woodland owners, we carry out low impact operations, no heavy machinery is used which means the woodland is not left with tyre tracks and damage to trees and plants. Selective thinning, felling, windblown removals, planting, pathway clearance and construction, fencing can all be undertaken.

Tree and Hedge planting is carried out by us during the winter months. We have an excellent supplier of British grown stock and can undertake small or large planting projects.

We also carry out field and paddock maintenance, we can tackle overgrown and unruly hedgerows and bring them back into order giving you back valuable land. Our hedge planting service also crosses over into this area as we can supply and plant trees and hedge plants to fill in gaps and continue the health of the hedgerow.

Orchard management is a specialist service and we have plenty of experience. We have managed and maintained several orchards for a number of years as an ongoing project. During winter we prune and deadwood fruit trees and shape them to make them attractive and productive. During the spring, summer and autumn we keep the grass cut with our specialist machines which keeps the orchards looking great and accessible. We take our time; sometimes orchards have been neglected for many years need careful planning and work can be scheduled to take place over several years, gradual pruning  so the health of the trees is not compromised.

So whatever your property, whatever your needs, DGM Grounds and Forest can accommodate you. Give us a call, arrange a site visit and a free quote and let us change your surroundings.