Wildlife in our native forests

Our British forests are teeming with wildlife, most of which only a

small amount of people ever get to see.

Whilst working in a local forest last year I was lucky enough to see a young Buzzard hopping around on the ground after recently leaving its nest. Not far away was its mother who kept a close eye on it (and me), I sat and spent a good while watching it. Then moved operations to the other side of the forest so I didn't disturb them.

Forests are great places to show children the nature that surrounds us, you can find Badger sets (you'll be very lucky to actually see a Badger though), Deer, Owls, Woodpeckers, Bats, Frogs, Hedgehogs and a whole universe of insects and spiders.

Dead wood in a forest is very important to provide habitats for a wide range of animals and insects, during forest management it is always important to keep intact both standing deadwood (dead trees and stumps) and fallen deadwood (logs and branches on the floor). Indeed a dead tree can be home to thousands of species of insects and animals.

Now the better weather is (hopefully) well on it's way why not take a trip to a forest near you and see what you can discover.