Privacy and GDPR

Data protection is important to everyone.

New laws are being introduced called GDPR, this makes sure that companies keep your data safe and gives you the choice of how your data is being stored and used by them.

As far as we are concerned, if you are a current client of ours we will securely store your contact details i.e telephone number, address, email. These details will only be used in relation to carrying out work for you, we will not send you marketing of any kind and we will not pass on your details to any third party.

If you are a previous customer of ours your details, emails, text messages, social media messages and contact information has been deleted from our systems. We will not contact you further.

The only records that will remain are invoices which are required to be kept for tax purposes and these are kept secure.

If you have any questions regarding your data please contact us.

Thank you.